Hiroko Omori grew up in Japan where she studied fashion design and more specifically the technical and meticulous work of the mesh at Tokyo Fashion Gakuen. She first worked in ready-to-wear and then her desire for independence and discovery brought her to Paris. After a few years of experience in  an old jewelery factory in the Marais, in style consulting and then in manufacturing, she founded ORNER to create her own jewelery.

A training at famous Boulle School reinforces her knowledge and allows her today to improve and enrich her work.


"ORNER", in French, it means embellish. A verb to simply define the primary function of the jewel: Adorn the body.

The solar cross, the emblem she has chosen, is an ancient symbol of harmony found in many cultures around the world, including her own.


While contrasts, the "style" Orner mixed-race urban influences and desires elsewhere. Never too massive or delicate, her creations are a subtle mix of femininity and virility, a search for power while sobriety. She likes to conform to past references and at the same time provoke curiosity. Classic and contemporary, familiar and original, his style asserts itself in complete freedom.


ORNER jewelery, rock, a bit of folk, reveal the subtle wildness of our personality.